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Whether you’re a corporate client transferring jobs, or a private client moving for personal reasons, Avail Move Management’s movr alleviates the pressure of planning the multiple, fast-moving parts of your relocation. Let’s dig into some frequently asked questions to help better understand movr and how it can benefit you during such an important time.  

What is movr?

movr is an online move management platform that connects users to vetted service providers. It provides the world’s best services for the person in motion, at your command and all in one place. The movr dashboard easily tracks your available budget and required moving tasks while granting access to the leading, relevant service providers at the touch of a fingertip. movr’s job is to make your relocation the best experience possible.

How can I get access?

You can setup your login one of two ways. If you’re making a move with Atlas® Van Lines, your Atlas registration number will give you access to the platform. Misplaced or don’t know your registration number? Your Atlas account representative has all the information you need to get started. If you’re making a move with a company that uses Avail’s services, your employer will issue your login access via an employer code or a predetermined username and temporary password.

What types of services are available in the platform?

movr believes that relocating is more than simply putting your belongings in a box and calling a moving company. It's disconnecting and reconnecting many parts of your life. That’s why movr has created a platform with a variety of services with you in mind. With movr you can easily:
  • Find an apartment or home
  • Book travel
  • Move your car
  • Change your address
  • Find storage
  • Buy insurance
  • Connect and disconnect utilities
  • Learn about your neighborhood
  • Connect your internet/phone/TV
With movr, you have plenty of perks, too!
  • Safely move your pets
  • Donate your nonperishable food items
  • Add your own service providers
And with us, you are safe. Your information is yours to give and will not be shared with any of the service providers without your consent.

Do I receive any special discounts?

Fortunately, the majority of service providers within the platform offer exclusive discounts to movr users. There is no discount code needed to receive these exclusive discounts.

How can I add a service category to my movr dashboard?

Once you have logged in, access “My Services” from the My movr dropdown menu. Services can be added and removed from your account at any time.

What if my budget changes?

movr is extremely flexible when it comes to life changes. Like the service categories, your budget can be updated as well. Simply access “My Profile” from the My movr dropdown menu and update your budget. You can update any other move or personal information while in the “My Profile” section.

If my move is canceled, will movr charge me anything?

No! Once your move is canceled, access to the platform can be terminated at any time.

Can I access movr on my cell phone?

Yes! Use the mobile-friendly online platform or the Avail movr® mobile app, available for Apple and Android users, to manage your move effortlessly. 

Can I send a summary of my move details to myself or my boss?

Sure! movr is committed to making your relocation a stress-free process. Once move details are saved, a PDF summary can be generated. You can then print a copy or send as an email attachment to yourself or your boss. movr also has the option to email a summary to the email listed in your profile with the click of a button.

Who do I contact for help or questions?

Have a question about movr? The best way to reach us is to use the Contact us link. Fill out your subject, name, email, number and message and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours.

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movr™ FAQs

Let’s dig into some frequently asked questions to help better understand movr™ and how it can benefit you during such an important time.  

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